The Wellingtons are a first generation CC geneticized family.

The original core household consited of single mother Zoe, and her two sons Gavin (teen) and Maxwell (child).

The Wellingtons originated as residents of Scandalica City but have moved often. Currently branches of the Wellington family tree are either found in Memosa Bay, Isla Del Kashmire, or Scandalica City.

Wellingtons are known to have a strong raven-haired gene and sweet disposition.

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Wellington Family members and descendantsEdit

Core Family

  • Zoe
  • Gavin
  • Maxwell
  • Rhiannon - Born

Second Generation

  • Noelle (via Gavin)
  • Jillian (via Maxwell)
  • Breana 'Bree' (via Gavin)
  • Levi 'Lee' (via Gavin)
  • Jonas (via Maxwell)
  • Saskia (via Rhiannon)
  • Orion (via Rhiannon)

Third Generation

  • Felix (via Jillian)
  • Sawyer (via Jonas)
  • Atticus (via Jonas)
  • Amelia (via Jonas)
  • Victoria (via Noelle)
  • Piper (via Jonas)
  • Evelyn Jane (via Noelle)
  • Reggie (via Noelle)
  • Cypress (via Lee)
  • Cedar (via Lee)

Families associated through Wellington Marriage