The Sanchez clan is one of the oldest and largest families on Kashmire. The core family originally consisted of Carlos and Camilla, and their teenage 'twins' Diego and Diablo, and child-aged daughter Alexia. As time continued they lost Alexia and Camilla birthed Aviva, and twins Antonio and Salvatore. Not as wealthy or influential as those on the east side of the island, whatever they lack in that respect they make up for in a close family unit. It seems most in this family are also adverse to getting a proper job as Carlos was sole provider for his wife and six children for most of his life.

What is unique about the Sanchezs is that many of their children come back to the family home to live. Diego, Diablo, and Aviva have all moved back in at some point to support family memebers.  

Sanchez FamilyEdit

The Sanchez family lived in the Woodland Flats. One day, Alexia did not return from School and was never seen again. Because of this incident, the family decided to move to the business District to raise the rest of their exisiting and future family - also to occupy a home that could comply with a growing number of family members.

Carlos was a street tough cop raised in Scandalica City so Isla Del Kashmire was a nice rest from break-neck crime of the city. Carlos worked hard for promotions as he was the only bread-winner in the family. Camilla was much too busy raising the children to find extra time to get a job.

As Diego and Diablo grew older they helped as much as they could with their younger siblings. Once adult, Diablo moved to the city scene while Diego stayed behind with his sister and brothers. He may have been a burden finacially but was a help for Camilla who had twin toddlers to deal with.

Aviva had always been getting into trouble as a child and being Carlos's only daughter gave her an advantage over her brothers who would get in trouble and reprimanded but Aviva would get away with everything. Such as, when Diablo came home with a lip and eyebrow piercing in High school, Carlos nearly beat him but when Aviva did the same - she was just sternly chided.

Salvatore and Antonio were hard to tell apart as boys, they convinced their parents to get a dog and so the Sanchez family adopted a guard dog named Lulu who became instant friends with the boys.

Diego had been dating around and brining his girls home which his mother found disruptable. She coaxed him into leaving but he only moved in across the street with a woman named Tatiana. Both parents dissaproved of this - because they weren't married as well as the reason was Tatiana's feirce independence and refusal to marry their son.

After Aviva departed for SSU, Diablo moved back to the home along with his new wife Natalia, of whom he met in Scandalica City. Carlos and Camilla were thrilled to learn they would have their first grandchild in the house with them. The twins enjoyed a few days with their newborn nephew, Iago before also going to SSU.

Carlos and Camilla were happy again to learn that they would be having a second grandchild - Gabriella - by way of Diego and Tatiana - however were still dissapointed that the couple was not married and their granddaughter would not take the Sanchez name.

Natalia was pregnant with her second child, Illyana, when tragedy struck. Diablo had been relaxing in the family spa when a fire erupted, engulfing him in flames. Camilla heard his shouts and rushed to help but was also consumed by the fire. This was a devastating loss. Natalia lost her husband before her daughter was even born, and all Sanchez children lost a mother and a brother.

Carlos, Aviva, Natalia and her children lived together for a time - when Carlos died, they used his will money to completely bulldoze the house and build up a new one. Iago moved to SSU campus to pursue a college degree, and therefore the three ladies of the house are all that is currently left.

Aviva learned she was pregnant and has moved in with he baby daddy, Ori Kapitha.

Current Wherabouts Edit

Iago, and Raphael are currently attending SSU

Gabriella has graduated college and lives by herself in an apartment in Scandalica City

Illyana is currently attending IDK Community College

Salvatore is living with his wife's family in Isla Del Kashmire, along with his two children

Anotnio is living with his girlfriend in Memosa Bay

Tantiana (Diego's widow) and Natalia (Diablo's widow) living alone in Isla Del Kashmire and are batting around the idea of being housemates if they can decide whose house to move into.

Sanchez Family members and descendantsEdit

Core Family

  • Carlos (Deceased)
  • Camilla (Deceased)
  • Diego (Deceased)
  • Diablo (Deceased)
  • Alexis (Deceased)
  • Aviva - Born
  • Salvatore - Born
  • Antonio - Born

Second Generation

  • Gabriella (via Diego)
  • Iago (via Diablo)
  • Raphael (via Diego)
  • Illyana (via Diablo)
  • Mercedes (via Salvatore)
  • Marquez (via Salvatore)

Families associated through Sanchez Marriages

  • Vasquez
  • Lavillos
  • Garcia