The Pipers are a first generation CC geneticized family. Large in number and well-known throughout the region, while not as wealthy as other families with such a recognizable name - they are more known for their friendly demeanor and service to the community.

Pipers are known to carry a strong gene for red and brunette hair colors, a strong jawline, as well as freckles.

The original core family conisted of father Mitch, mother Carolyn. Their children were Collin (teen), Aaron (child), and Lucas (child). As time went on Carolyn had two more children - Shaun and Cheyanne. 

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Piper family members and descendantsEdit

Core Family

  • Mitch (Deceased)
  • Carolyn ( Deceased)
  • Collin (Deceased)
  • Aaron (Deceased)
  • Lucas
  • Shaun
  • Cheyanne

Second Generation

  • Elm (via Collin)
  • Willow (via Collin)
  • Madison (via Lucas)
  • Lyndsey (Adopted in family, via Aaron)
  • Denny (Non-Affiliated, via Shaun)
  • Fern (via Collin)
  • MIles (via Lucas)
  • Mason (via Lucas)
  • Sawyer (via Cheyanne)
  • Atticus (via Cheyanne)
  • Ameilia (via Cheyanne)
  • Piper (via Cheyanne)

Third Generation

  • Nicholas (via Elm)
  • Shane (via Elm)
  • Kit (via Elm)
  • Cypress (via Willow)
  • Cedar (via Willow)
  • Stacia (via Madison)
  • Xander (via Madison)

Families associated through Piper Marriages