The Orbinson family is a first generation Maxis household.

Orbinson is a very affluent name, members of the family are known for their mild manners, political prowess, and intelligence. The Main Orbsinon estate lies on the east side of Isla Del Kashmire.

The core original family consisted of adults Kent and Margaret, their children Missy (teen), Milo (child), Kerry (child), and Garrison (toddler). 

This family is known to pass genetics for blue eyes

Orbinson FamilyEdit

As of the Second Generation, this family has emerged as political family with both Lawrence and his father Milo's appointments as Mayor. The family has a patriarchal estate that is inherited by the eldest (or only) son in the Orbisnon family line.

Orbinson family members and descendants Edit

Core Family

  • Kent (Deceased)
  • Margaret (Deceased)
  • Melissa 'MIssy'
  • Milo (Deceased)
  • Kerry (Deceased)
  • Garrison

Second Generation

  • Adriana (via Missy)
  • Sophia (via Milo)
  • Margaret 'Maggie' (via Milo)
  • Lawrence (via Milo)
  • Jillian Wellington (via Kerry)
  • Jonas Wellington (via Kerry)

Third Generation

  • Melinda Cosgrove (Via Adriana)
  • Miranda Cosgrove (via Adriana)
  • Marshall Cosgrove (via Adriana)
  • Amanda Louis (Via Sophia)
  • Cecily Louis (via Sophia)
  • Millie Louis (via Sophia)
  • Madeline Louis (via Sophia)
  • Victoria (via Lawrence)
  • Evelyn Jane (via Lawrence)
  • Reginald 'Reggie' (via Lawrence)
  • Felix Cosgrove (via Jillian)
  • Sawyer Wellington (via Jonas)
  • Amelia Wellington (via Jonas
  • Atticus Wellington (via Jonas)
  • Piper Wellington (via Jonas)

Families Affiliated through Orbinson Marriage