Missy Orbinson

Missy Orbinson

Melissa Orbinson, commonly known as 'Missy' to family, friends, and lovers, is the oldest child of Kent and Margaret Orbinson. She has three younger siblings and had one daughter. She is not married but has had many trysts and affairs.

Missy has blonde hair and Maxis dark blue eyes.

She is currently an Elder and lives in the Luxury Lofts complex in downtown Scandalica City. She has been in the althletics career most of her life, and currently is head coach to the SC Racketeers.

Early Life in Isla Del KasmireEdit

Missy moved to Isla Del Kasmire with her family when she was a Freshman in High School. Her father had recently come into a vast amount of wealth through his innovation ventures in the AI industry. She transistioned well to this change of lifestyle.

Starting at a new school and with wealth to flaunt, peers started referring to her as 'Prissy Missy' because of her newly developed superiority complex.

She didn't make many friends because of this. Olivia Garcia who was quite poor, but was a great pretender as a student of wealth, could be seen as the only one in Missy's 'entourage'. She developed romantic feelings for Diego Sanchez but refused to date him since his family was from the middle of the island.

She did take a keen interest in the older, mysterious Otto Ziegler. Sometimes he would walk past her family's estate and she would meet him outside and chat in the moonlight.


Missy was impatient to get out on her own after her mother dissappeared, tensions with her father had risen since she was expected to help with her younger siblings, and though she loved them she did not want to hold that burden. She became depressed at the Orbinson family estate and turned all her attention into finding Otto Ziegler as soon as she left the home, choosing to forego a college education.

She made her way to Scandalica City where the SC Racketeers, a professional Tennis Organization took interest in her. They invited her to train with them for reigonal tennis matches so she realized she must move permanently down town to continue with that job.

Her mother's portion of inheritence was paid out to MIssy and so she could afford a swanky down town loft apartment as she started training with Racketeers.

She reunited with Otto Ziegler and invited him to stay with her at her new home. She was quite certain she was in love with Otto Ziegler but was so blinded by her infatuation with him, failed to realize he was a drifter who often preyed on the hearts of wealthy, pretty blonde sims.

Otto vannished after he had enough money to continue on, leaving Missy in a mess of heartbreak which only deepend when she realized he was pregnant with his child. She made no attempts to contact Otto during her pregnancy, vowing to hate him the rest of her life and not expose him to his child.

In this time she reconciled with her father