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Louis FamilyEdit

The Louis Family is a supporting family that originated in Scadalica City that consisted of Derek and his teenage daughter, Josalyn.

The Louis family has grown in size and reputation since their initial play - a notorious family known for their wild behavior, penchant for rock music, and overall rambunctiousness.

Family Backstory Edit

Derek came to the city to work on opening his own restaurant after the break up of his band the 'Weeping Death' and the untimely death of his lover, the lead singer, 'Edwina Coors' who is also the fictional mother to his eldest daughter.

After going to rehab he sobered up and got custody of Josalyn.

Family Merge Edit

Derek and Josalyn led a very relaxed lifestyle, almost to the point Josalyn had no parental guidance but all that changed once Derek met and fell for Zoe Wellington and remarried to her. Suddenly the Wellingtons and Louis family were living under one roof. Derek and Zoe welcomed baby Rhiannon into the mix and they led a fairly happy family life. Zoe and Derek's individual children grew up and moved out, leaving the youngest child from both families to deal with the divorce.

Family Split Edit

After Zoe aged to her silver years, Derek's romantic interest in her waned and he started seeing a younger woman named Geneva Fox.

Louis Family Members and DescendantsEdit

Core Family (*Merged)

  • Derek (Deceased)
  • Josalyn
  • Rhiannon  - Born
  • Philomena - Born

Second Generation

  • Halen (via Josalyn)
  • Saskia (via Rhiannon)
  • Orion (via Rhiannon)

Third Generation

  • Amanda (via Halen)
  • Cecily (via Halen)
  • Millie (via Halen)
  • Madeline (via Halen)

Families Associated through Louis Marriages

  • Wellington
  • Orbinson
  • Loche
  • Fox