The Cosgroves are a first generation CC genetcized family.

This the most prestigious family name in the region, stemming from 'old money' and high profile debutantes in the days of yore. Cosgroves are social creatures always willing to throw a wine and cheese party or an ice cream social with family friends. They also are known for donating their money to community projects throughout Kashmire.

The Core Original household consisted of the elder patriarch Raul, his two adult children Dillon and Mindy, and Mindy's daughter Delilah (Child).


Cosgroves moved back to their neighborhood of origin from a different neighborhood they had residence in for many years. They own many business and properties as well as have been known to run organized crime in the far past before they had left (it is rumored that is why they had left in the first place, to avoid legal consequence and tarnishing their name)

Raul was a respected Lawyer, Dillon was a respected Chief of Staff, and Pryce is a respected businessman. The Cosgroves seem naturally successful and with that comes their abundance of wealth and power, as well as influence over Kashmire.

Cosgrove family members and descendantsEdit

Core Family

  • Raul (Deceased)
  • Dillon (Deceased)
  • Melinda 'Mindy' (Deceased)
  • Delilah
  • Pryce - Born (via Dillon)
  • Pierce - Born (via Dillon)

Second Generation

  • Madison Piper (via Delilah)
  • Miles Piper (via Delilah)
  • Mason Piper (via Delilah)
  • Miranda (via Pryce)
  • Melinda (via Pryce)
  • Marshall (via Pryce)
  • Felix (via Peirce)

Third Generation

  • Stacia Hart (via Madison)
  • Xander Hart (via Madison)
  • Kaylee Piper (via Mason)
  • Caleb (via Felix)
  • Colleen (via Felix)

Families Assoctaed through Cosgrove Marriage