Bree W

Bree Wellington - Adult

Breana Wellington

Genes: Black hair and CC blue-gray eyes

Breana Wellington is an IGB sim that currently is adult and living in a loft apartment in Scandalica City. She graduated from Sim State university with a degree in x. She is a x in the Intelligence career track.

Childhood and Teenage yearsEdit

Bree was born to Gavin and Nina Wellington as their third child, only two minutes behind her twin brother, Lee.

She got along well with the rest of her family and proved to have a mischievous streak with starting food fights and giving noogies to her unsuspecting brother.

Despite her family's reputation for friendliness, Bree was more of an introvert and had little friends in high school. Her only friend outside her own siblings was Lawrence Orbinson whom she dated briefly before he went to college.

Bree always marched to the beat of her own drum and cared little for social norms or peer pressure.

College years Edit

Bree attended SSU and lived all four semesters in the all-girls dorm, Hayes Hall. She got along well with most other dorm mates and her primary room mate in college was Seychelle Garcia.

Bree went into college having hardly any direction at what she wanted to do and who she wanted to date. She flirted with any guy that gave off a 'bad boy' persona - liked rock n' roll, had tattoos etc.

She had flings with Taz Zeitlbahn, x, and x before she became involved with Phoenix Fox.

She met Phoenix Fox through his girlfriend-at-the-time, Skye Phoenix who was also a resident of Haynes Hall. Bree became fast friends with Phoenix and when Skye broke up with him to pursue Nelle Van Dien (his half-sister), he turned his attentions to Bree and ended up proposing to her.

Personality and Interests Edit

Bree is rather non-conformist and makes sure everyone she meets knows this. She has no interest in children and plans to travel the world with her fiance. She is playful when she gets familliar with another, but otherwise may seem a bit chilly and disinterested. She's the lest forgiving of her family but supports them in their endeavors.

Bree loves indie rock music, dancing when no one is looking, reading mystery novels, web-surfing, piercings, drinking bottled drinks, eating out, star-gazing, and playing with animals.

Significant Relationships Edit

Nina Wellington (mother) - Bree respects her mother and understands Nina means well but thinks her mother can be overbearing in kindness. There are things Bree has witnessed that her mother forgives easily that Bree herself would not.

Gavin Wellington (father) - Bree loves her father very much, although she is busy with life and hasn't had time to call and chat as much as she wants.

Noelle Orbinson - Bree admires her older sister in some aspects and rolls her eyes at others. Noelle was very popular in high school and it was difficult for Bree to live in Noelle's shadow somewhat. Now that they are older, Bree enjoys visiting Noelle and her nieces and nephew.

Lee Wellington - Bree supports her twin brother in everything although they are very different individuals. She is Lee's constant source for reality checks like the time he asked Maggie Orbinson to marry him a week after he went to college. It didn't work out.

Phoenix Fox - Bree loves Phoneix's sense of humor and playfulness. He is a kindred spirit in the fact they revile suburban lifestyle and conventional expectations. She also thinks he has a cute butt.

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